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A must have Elk Hunting Book — For Beginner to Expert
The Golden Age of Elk Hunting offers you 276 pages of the largest elk ever harvested including the pending world's record, taken by Mike Shipsey. Enjoy stories from Elk Hunting Guide John Caid and friends, as well as photos from hunts with celebrities such as George Strait, Jack Nicklaus, Richard Childress, and Helmut Swarovski. As well as stories from the world famous White Mountain Apache Trophy Elk Hunt. Arizona native John Caid (elk hunting guide) has written a book about trophy elk hunting that any avid hunter will cherish.

Preview the Birth of Modern Trophy Elk Hunting. Discover the history of The Golden Age beginning in the 1970's. Enjoy the historical prospective of trophy programs established in the 1980's. Experience the "Good Old Days" of the 1990's and learn why the "Time is Now" for the future of Trophy Elk Hunting. The Golden Age of Elk Hunting guides you through a wealth of reference material including hunting statistics from 10 western states and 4 Canadian provinces, information on private land hunts and Indian reservations that have produced trophy elk. Articles and essays on antler development, archery hunters, elk hunting tips and more are included.

The Golden Age of Elk Hunting was released on June 5, 2002. Order your Hardcover edition today at a reasonable $65.00 (US + $5.00 shipping and handling). Collectors will appreciate our Limited Edition, leather-bound copies. Only 750 Limited Edition copies will be offered; individually numbered, autographed, and leather-bound they are available for $130.00 (US + $5.00 shipping and handling). Plus, check out our video — An Elk Hunters Dream — just $25.00 (US + $3.00 shipping and handling).

With six years in the making, The Golden Age of Elk Hunting promises to be worth the wait. Hunting legends share their stories and photos. Our collection from over 270 individuals spanning from 1940 to 2001 and covering all of the western United States is unique and unmatched.

Numbers of elk have risen thanks to conservation and management efforts, and with these, the number of record breaking trophy elk have nearly doubled. As John says, "This is truly the Golden Age of Elk Hunting. Elk hunting has never been better!" Order your copy today!


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Elk Hunting Book - Golden Age of Elk Hunting
A Must Have Book for Any Hunter Beginner to Expert
Elk Hunting Book
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The Golden Age of Elk Hunting Book




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